‘Hygge’…it’s quite a hard word to try and translate because it can mean or be more than one thing. It’s a Danish word which basically means to be cosy or to be happy. The project that I am doing now is ‘Sense of Place’ and ‘Hygge’ is quite a specific thing to Denmark. In my work I am trying to portray that sense of the ‘hygge’ feeling. Its during times like Christmas ‘hygge’ is at its highest, when you’re spending time with family and friends. That’s probably why at the moment my work is feeling quite Christmasy.

Adding fabric to my Prints

For the ‘Sense of Place’ project I’ve started looking at my childhood in Denmark and using pictures of when I lived there. I’m trying to use Scandinavian(y) and natural looking fabrics like hessian. Some of the fabrics have a bit of a Christmas feel to them.


Etching on calico with fabric