Skagen Paintings

Whilst I was in Copenhagen in the summer I visited The Hirschsprung Museum to see the collection of Skagen Paintings. Skagen is a small village at the most northern point in Denmark where artists gathered to paint.


My Great Grandparents and Grandparents collected several impressive and beautiful paintings, the majority being Scandinavian artist works such as P.S.Krøyer, Laurits Tuxen, H.A. Brendekilde, and Michael Ancher and of other Scandinavian Artists. Growing up I have been surrounded by these striking paintings and have wanted to see more of these artist works. Especially works by P.S.Krøyer.


I might decide to base my next essay on the Skagen paintings?


Summer in Copenhagen

Pictures from my phone 002

I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen and this summer I final did. Visiting all the main attractions-Amalienborg Palace, The little Mermaid (which was much smaller than I thought it would be!),Tivoli and loads of other places. We also went on the canal tour and bus tour around the city. I might use photographs that I took this summer as a starting point for a new project in the future.