Sketchbook work from First Year

first year work 060

A few sketches and experimentation pages from my sketchbook from Observation and Analysis lessons from First year of University. I really enjoyed these lessons and I think they improved my drawing skills. The tutors got us to look hard and observe objects and even though at times it was really frustrating when looking at small objects and trying to draw them it was worth it and now I actually enjoy it.

Situationist Activity

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In the first year of university during our Observation and Analysis lesson we did an activity  where we had to be a ‘situationist’. We were given a map of a town that was twinned with Canterbury and then had to draw a route on the map to try and discover new places. Taking pictures of anything we found interesting, which could potentially develop into an idea. I ended up finding a church tucked away down a small path with a river running by it. I took lots of close up photographs of walls and rust and other things focusing on the textures and marks.